Tons of New Robot Footage in Six New Transformers: Dark of the Moon TV Spots

The nationwide debut of director Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon is just one week away — the 2-D release is still June 29th, but Paramount will be releasing the movie one day early in 3-D and IMAX formats — and six new TV spots have been released, which offer tons of new footage of the transforming robots in action, including several sneak peeks at several never-before-seen robots. Written by Ehren Kruger, the story centers around the discovery of a Cybertronian (the Transformers' home planet) "ark" on the moon, which was first detected by the U.S. government back in the '60s, but kept a secret...even from the benevolent Autobots, who are supposed to be our allies in the war against the evil Decepticons. The race is on to get to the moon and stop the Decepticons from using the found technology to take over the world.

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